About me

I am the founder of M00-Tion studio and an Architecture academic. I received my PhD in Architecture at Melbourne University in 201 looking at the relationship between the design strategy and human 4-up on 2-1-20 at 9.10 pm #2embodiment experience. In my recent practice and research, I have been looking at the importance of wellness in the design of our everyday spaces through the lens of movement and mindfulness. This outlook brings the importance of wellness outside the hospital walls and into our homes, places of gatherings (cafes, bars, restaurants) and places of physical and mental rejuvenation (gyms, yoga and meditation studios).

I have had the privilege of teaching Architecture with a focus on leading design studios at Masters and undergraduate levels and also History and theory subjects. The design studios that I have led covered different themes of housing design and wellness, the relationship between Fashion and Architecture in the future of retail and commercial design as well as Interior and Landscape architecture. I have a special focus on emobodiment, movement, mindfulness, multi-culturalism and digital technology in my teaching and architecture research.




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